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Lighthouse Trails Publishing began in 2002 in order to publish Ray Yungen’s unpublished manuscript, A Time of Departing. Two years later in 2004, we began Lighthouse Trails Research Project as a way to provide free research material to our readers. That second website grew into a large site with hundreds of web pages and articles and thousands of links. On the blog of that site are articles, news stories, and all of our currently 157 topical booklets, available to print for free. Lighthouse Trails has made every effort to provide free information and materials to everyone. Making money has never been our first priority. With that said, however, many of our online readers don’t know about our first website, the Lighthouse Trails Publishing store, which started out in the fall of 2002 with the release of A Time of Departing. Since then, the editors at Lighthouse Trails have painstakingly built a resource store which now has hundreds of books, booklets, DVDs, tracts, and more—every item (some we’ve published, some by other trusted publishers and ministries) fitting into the framework of biblical integrity. If you have never checked out the Lighthouse Trails online resource store, we encourage you to do so. You can also find there our very own creation, Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea (a small division of Lighthouse Trails we began in 2010 as a means to help support the ministry of Lighthouse Trails). Each organic tea bag has a KJV Bible verse on the tag.

Below are some of the categories we provide resources for on the LT store:


  1. Coreen Beck

    When you first started out in 2002, you fast became one of my favorite “discernment ministries!” If I remember correctly I found Lighthouse Trails through The Berean Call. Words can not express my gratitude for all of the articles and resources you have provided all through the years. I have a very nice collection of books that you have published from precious brethren trying to sound the alarm and save others from being deluded! Soon the final trumpet will blow and we will all be together with our Lord! HALLELUJAH!! I pray the Lord continue to bless you both and this ministry until that time happens! By the way, I found out that the womens “Aglow” meetings are founded on the NAR, so they are not safe. Most everything is tainted in one way or another at this late hour. Let us all never become weary of doing good. May the Lord richly bless you! MARANATHA!!!!!!!

  2. J

    We Thank God that you continue to Defend the Faith in these evil days. America government is turning the world upside down!!! Pray for Americans to wake-up!!!!! Pray Christians Pray. How close is the Savior ‘s return to take us Home? Preach the Gospel . Time is running out. God Bless all of you.

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