1. Barry

    My wife is a former Catholic and her mom and step father still are. We had hours and hours of discussion/debate and it was always interesting to me that I always used Scripture to present “my side”, but they always said they would have to talk to the “father” to get answers to the many questions I brought up. They even bought me a catechism so I could “learn the truth”. They said the catechism and church teaching takes priority over Scripture. I actually read most of the catechism and noticed that the second commandment was removed, (because of Catholic statues, etc.). They still have ten, but not the same ten recorded in Scripture. I met with them and laid my Bible open next to the catechism and the only answer was they needed to get clarification from the “father”. The clarification never came and that was our last discussion. I urged them as I urge the writer of this letter. Your eternity is at stake, please do not leave it to anyone else. See what Scripture really says and teaches and then decide. Don’t rely on anything fallible men teach or write, (me included), but pray for the Spirit of God to show you His truth. God Bless you.

  2. Victor

    LHTR – You could not be more correct about the importance of the distinction that it is the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice that is at the crux of the issue. The RCC has many unbiblical practices and dogmas but denying the sufficiency and completeness of the cross is the pinnacle of their heresy. The devotional at the website below supports that.

  3. Betty-Anne

    I was born and raised in the Catholic Church and was born again 15 years ago. God used His Word, which is living and powerful, to open my eyes to truth. As I began reading His Word I realized what I had been taught was false doctrine. He said truth sets us free and I was set free by the truth that I wasn’t good enough to earn salvation through my own merits, nor by being Catholic. Only Jesus can save anyone, no church, denomination nor good works will ever save anyone. He finished the work of salvation the Father sent Him to do. Just as Abraham believed and it was accounted to him as righteousness, so it is for all who would believe in Him. My entire family is still there, except my son. Let us be found faithful in prayer asking God to open the eyes of their heart so that they might be saved, just as He did for us, for nothing is impossible for our Great and Awesome God!!!

  4. Victor

    LHTR – You could not be more correct about the importance of the distinction that it is the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice that is at the crux of the issue. The RCC has many unbiblical practices and dogmas but denying the sufficiency and completeness of the cross is the pinnacle of their heresy.

  5. Dan

    Dear Catholic reader, I too was a Catholic for over 30 years and am now in my sixties. It is really a labor of love from many born again Bible believers to prayerfully and lovingly point Catholics to the truth. My faith came from hearing the Word of God and putting my faith in Jesus alone to save me. Salvation from Jesus is a gift and there is salvation in no one else, place or thing. Jesus said I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me. John 14:6. There is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12. To be taught that anything other than what Jesus did on the cross on our behalf to save us from our sins is false. We must repent and believe the Gospel. Trust in God’s Word the Bible as your supreme authority in matters of truth and faith. Not the catechism. Trust Jesus as the All Sufficient Savior and that He will save you completely and forever. Jesus will never let you down, leave you, or forsake you. I too have read Far From Rome Near To God as David in the first response. I thought I would read three or four of the Catholic priests testimonies but finished reading all 50. God’s Word is living and active. God’ Word is eternal. Please forsake anything that cannot save you, sacraments, Mary, purgatory, the Mass etc. and trust in Jesus alone to save you. Please read John 1: 12-13. Sincerely, Dan

  6. CW

    It is one thing to hate someone. It is quite another — completely different — simply to disagree. People who believe the Bible as it is written cannot subscribe to the Catholic faith because it holds so many unbiblical beliefs. I did not realize this until a woman who became a good friend told me of her Catholic beliefs. For example, I had always assumed the “Immaculate Conception” doctrine was about Christ Jesus; the Holy Bible clearly says that He was conceived without sin. But No, that Catholic doctrine is about Mary!! Yet the Bible does not say that anywhere about her. There are many unbiblical Marian beliefs, including the belief that she is the Mother of God. She was Jesus’ earthly mother. Even then, when He was active in ministry He made it plain that she was no more important than anyone else. She is not His mother in Heaven — God is eternal; He had no beginning. He has no mother. Christ Jesus was God in the flesh. Mary was chosen by God to bring the Messiah into the world, but she is not His mother today. She is a fellow believer, and we are committing idolatry if we pray to her.

  7. Lillia

    As a reader of the blog (every post) since 2012, I have never witnessed any form of ‘hate’ towards anyone, including Catholics. What I think is going on is that one person feels personally attacked because their beliefs are opposed in some way, but that is done out of love. As for Catholics, I have some in my life that I am also trying to lead to the Lord. This always comes as such a shock to some. But the fact is that they have never done the simple deed that needs to be done. I don’t care what your background is, but in order to get saved you need to bow at the feet of Jesus and ask Him into your life and heart. This includes asking for forgiveness, personally receiving the atonement, repenting from sin, choosing to live for Jesus as Lord of your life, admitting only He can save you (not Mary or membership in any church or any ritual, etc) by grace through faith in His finished work on the cross for your sins, and believe that He rose again. In this way one is born again and the Holy Spirit enters you. Then read the Bible from cover to cover. What have you got to lose???

  8. Elizabeth Bennett

    Dear Catholic Reader,
    My father and grandfather left the R. Catholic Church because they did not feel they were saved and going to Heaven observing the sacraments. They did not see a holy life in some of the priests and men of the parish. My friends tell me that their priest told them they did not have to read the Bible; that the priests would do that for them. The Old Testament strictly forbids the Israelites from worshipping statues, paintings and images or idols, yet the Catholic Church bows down to statues of Mary. Jesus did not tell us to worship His mother. We love R. Catholics but do not love their doctrines and practices. We want all R. Catholics to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, who died once for all. I believe that Saints are all those who believe and accept Jesus as their Savior. Baptism and observing sacraments does not save us. Born-again Christians love to read their Bibles daily. It is amazing that we can read and study God’s Word ourselves! John 3:16

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