Liberty University Climbs Deeper into the Contemplative/Emerging Camp

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As was reported in two previous stories (February 2007, August 2007), Liberty University has been incorporating contemplative/emerging authors into their classrooms and college life. Nearly a year after our first report, Liberty shows no signs of taking a stand against this anti-biblical belief system. Students attending Liberty will be required to read the following books in the following classes and should use discernment and caution. Hopefully students who are desiring to adhere to biblical truth will challenge the favorable use of these books and the teachings within them:

Counseling 506 – Henri Nouwen
Evangelism 997 – John Maxwell, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Erwin McManus
Path 610 (Spiritual Formation) – Richard Foster
MCCS 994 (Missions): Brian McLaren

Liberty University also carries on their website the Code of Ethics for the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors) with the following statement:

Although rooted primarily in an orthodox evangelical biblical theology, this Code is also influenced (according to the paradigm offered by Richard Foster) by the social justice, charismatic-pentecostal, pietistic-holiness, liturgical, and contemplative traditions of Christian theology and church history.

According to a recent Christianity Today article, Richard Foster is a pioneer in the contemplative (i.e., ancient future) prayer movement. Incidentally, Lighthouse Trails spoke with a personnel from Liberty University today and was told that Dr. Tim Clinton, who is the president of AACC, is a professor at Liberty and also the Executive Director of the Center for Counseling and Family Studies at Liberty. (Please click here to read about Clinton’s promotion of Richard Foster and other contemplatives.)

In addition to the contemplative influences listed above, in the Center for Worship (Resources) Liberty University recommends reading from the following: Rob Bell (Velvet Elvis), Erwin McManus, Donald Miller, Andy Stanley, Dan Kimball, David Crowder, Michael Card, and Madeleine L’Engle, all of whom promote contemplative spirituality.1 A weak disclaimer follows this list.

And finally, we bring attention to the Liberty Career center, in which students are being advised to use resources from Youth Specialties.3 Youth Specialties has been a pioneer in introducing Christian youth by the thousands to eastern-style spirituality through contemplative and emerging leaders. Events they have hosted have included yoga, contemplative meditation, and teachings by many, many New Age sympathizers.

The point of today’s article is to show the escalation of contemplative spirituality into a college or university when school leaders do not take a pro-active stand against it. If professors and students are not educated as to the true nature of this fast growing and powerfully deceptive belief system (that includes emerging and Purpose Driven), then it will infiltrate and influence that institution at a multiplying rate.

Lighthouse Trails will send a complimentary copy of A Time of Departingto any Liberty University professor that requests one. Please email us. Time is of essence.

For more information on Christian colleges and universities that are going in a contemplative/emerging direction, click here.

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