Announcement from Slice of Laodicea

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by Cross Talk 

From Ingrid Schlueter
Slice of Laodicea Blog

For several years, Slice of Laodicea has existed to inform and educate Christians about trends and news in contemporary evangelicalism and religion in general. As of tonight, the news and commentary will now be located at the Crosstalk Blog under the Religion category. There, you can continue to stay up to date on the important issues facing Bible-believing Christians.

The present Slice blog will stay up indefinitely for those who would like to access the archives. The new Crosstalk site will have VCY staff contributors as part of the team, and will allow reader interaction through moderated comments. We hope you will check it out. Click here to continue.

Some of the past articles Lighthouse Trails has posted by Slice of Laodicea:

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