5 Comments on Some Thoughts Worth Considering on Pub Theology

Chas said : Guest 3 weeks ago

The link for the "What if God...?" song lyrics doesn't work. Looks like the song was deleted from the site.

Elizabeth Bennett said : Guest 3 weeks ago

Christians are supposed to be a light in a dark world. If we are the same as the unsaved world we will not shine the light of Christ. 3 of my pastor's siblings became alcoholics, so there is no way he would approve of this. We are supposed to be salt in a decaying world. Our body is the temple of God, so why would we pollute it with alcohol and cigarettes, which would lead to sickness and an early death. Very sad.

charley said : Guest 3 weeks ago

apostate lost worldly people. remember lots wife jesus said it she was lost very scary thing in so called christianity. it is an abomination and insult to my lord and saviour jesus christ.

CW said : Guest 3 weeks ago

WOW. I've never before heard of Pub Theology (warped theology, it is), but the term warned me it wouldn't be Biblical. It's not. Statements like "...one part church and one part party” and “Faith, Hope, Love and Beer” frankly sound blasphemous to me. I keep thinking, What's Next??? Lord, have mercy on the Body of Christ in America. Help us, Lord, to return to our first Love and abide in You.

Anna Rosa said : Guest 3 weeks ago

Great post! Yes, that is part of the sin of the emergent church, the embracing of sin, the casual approaching to God, the irreverent attitude and unholy behavior. It even reaches a level of flaunting sin instead of repenting of it in shame. They mix the holy with the profane. They enter a bar and think they can 'do church.' If a sinner still steeped in the muddy mires of sin shares the gospel with another sinner of like manner, the gospel loses its power to the hearer and the teller is dripping with hypocrisy. The hearer might ask, "oh, so I can be... more righteous... like you?" We are called to be holy, righteous, the light of the world, and the salt of the earth.

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