6 Comments on Lighthouse Trails Sending Out 9th Letter to Christian Leaders and Pastors

admin said : administrator 2 weeks ago

Dr. Smith, Please send your mailing address to editors@lighthousetrails.com, and we will add your name to our booklet mailing list. Thank you for your interest.

admin said : administrator 3 weeks ago

Hello, Can you email us your mailing address to editors@lighthousetrails.com.

Dr. Zelfred Smith said : Guest 3 weeks ago

Please add me to your mail as I am a Pastor/Evangelist. I have been on your e/Lighthouse publication a short time and find it helpful in my ministry

admin said : administrator 3 weeks ago

Hello John, All of our booklets are on this blog, and if you use the green print button, you can download and/or print a nice PDF of any of them.

admin said : administrator 3 weeks ago

John, All of our booklets can be printed using the print button on the blog. Also, the booklets are available in both PDF and Epub on our store (www.lighthousetrails.com) as well as in Kindle (Amazon) and Nook (Barnes and Noble).

John Bakewell said : Guest 3 weeks ago

Hello Lighthouse Trails. Is it at all possible for those of us outside of the US; (not in this case Canada either): to be able to download or get sent the booklets you mention in this article, please? We down under also have these hideous assaults on our faith. Thanks. John from New Zealand.

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