1. peter bruce

    61 years ago alliance was my mother’s milk. came out and became separate 20 years ago. started home church with 30 saints who know act 17.11. rev peter.

  2. Heidi Lavoie

    Yes, you are absolutely correct when you say “if those in the body become compromised with darkness and are now workers of iniquity, being in fellowship with those people is now dangerous to one’s soul”. Many people now sitting in the pews of organized churches are either unconverted and/or practicing yoga or mindfulness or you name it. Yoga is hard core occultism and many are ensnared by it now. You are also absolutely correct when you say that people just want a place to “hang out with other” over obeying the Lord and his Word. There are warnings in the Epistles and clear instructions in the New Testament about the last days, about the perilous times, and about Bible separation. I believe most people don’t know these precepts at all anymore. It is not an understatement to say what you have said in your comment. It is very close to the time when the organized churches will all be ripe for the strong delusion.

  3. Jame

    Why keep worrying about being “churchless” if this is the position you find yourself in… is not fellowship with the Father thru His Word not enough??? Sure maybe do a home bible study group if you know someone who is willing to open their home. I’m not so sure letting too many people know where you are living is such a good idea these days but some folks have no issue with that. Could always meet at a local diner or at a public park or whatever.

    Yes, it would be ideal to be able to have fellowship with other believers as the New Testament teaches but in the last of the last days we are all faced with a choice…

    That choice is: Which is more important? Being in fellowship with other believers OR being in fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ?

    One way much false doctrine grows is that people tend to want to hang out with each other more than they do the Lord. Yes, this is a Body but if those in the Body become compromised with darkness and are now workers of iniquity… being in fellowship with those kind of folks is dangerous to one’s soul.

    All the churches in my area have been compromised with various levels of false doctrine, so I’m doing anonymous mails outs to those in the church I had been a member of to hopefully get a few of them to wake up. No, I’m not going to get in to any big arguments with these people which is why I am doing the mailings in an anonymous way.

    Maybe they’ll just throw the mailings away I don’t know. That’s not my concern as I think the Lord is going to eventually be able to get thru to a few people who are hungry for the Lord and just don’t yet realize whassup.

    My first mailout is Warren B Smith’s booklet “The Big Picture” so please pray for those that will be getting this booklet.

  4. Browsing

    This sounds interesting. Who does the teaching? Is there a moderator to coordinate, so everyone doesn’t speak at once? I might benefit from a virtual church, since I am isolated and disabled. I can’t drive to neighboring areas, and all the churches within busing distance are currently in rebellion to the word of God, with totalitarian governance and a refusal to test the spirits.

  5. T. I. Miller

    Php 1:9 And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and all discernment;
    Php 1:10 so that ye may approve the things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and void of offence unto the day of Christ;
    Php 1:11 being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are through Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.
    In our love we are to abound in more knowledge and ALL DISCERNMENT … to approve excellent things…and be void of offence….filled with the fruit of righteousness …unto the ….praise of God.
    Discernment is a loving act it is a fruit of the spirit it is to the glory and praise of God. lacking and disrespecting discernment cannot bring approval from or glory to God. Discernment is a gift given by God. To squash it is to both quench the Spirit and grieve the Holy spirit.
    The religious leaders who did not want to hear the truth from John the baptist or from Jesus sought to demean them by asking them, ” From where do you get your authority’? Is this not exactly what church leaders are doing today? Rather than listening and learning from their own flock they demean us. They too,”thinking more highly of themselves than they ought” dismiss us because they look down on us , for our lack of positional authority in THEIR congregation. The humble relieve wise council but the foolish receive it not. God used a blind man, without authority, to confound the Sanhedrin, John 9: 30-34

  6. sad

    I, too, am “churchless” due to objecting to teaching which contradicts Scripture, and finding myself abused. I recently read this post (https://herescope.blogspot.com/search?q=mark+driscoll), which shows even more tactics from the world being used by some leadership to justify mistreating people. I hope Jesus comes soon. I am very sad and lonely, even as I have fellowship with Him.

  7. Heidi Lavoie

    Interesting that you mention the Brethren. I know there are divisions here too, but my husband I tried that in our town, (not sure if “closed” or “open”) and while the preaching was good the teaching was always centered (in the Bible study) around the head covering for the women. Also, we found out that the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren (which had just come out at that time) was appearing in members’ homes. It can be that the direct teachings are not going to be coming from the pulpit, but it will still affect the peoples’ lives. It doesn’t seem possible that this leaven will not affect everyone in some say, and the Brethren seemed oblivious to the fact that they needed to warn their members publicly about these false teachings and teachers. We tried to tell an elder that, and he seemed to be either ignorant of it or simply unconcerned that it could even have any affect whatsoever on their fellowship. But the Bible tells us of our adversary that “we are not ignorant of his devices”. We are truly living in perilous times.

  8. Heidi Lavoie

    Since we left our C&MA, we have been just the two of us, my husband and I. We pray daily, and sing hymns and pray and read the Bible on Sunday mornings.

  9. T. I. Miller

    The slide into acceptance of false teaching was precipitated by seeker friendly marketing stunts.
    There is an old saying that predicts this outcome.
    ” Loaves and fishes make followers, the cross makes disciples”.
    Those who prefer a church full of followers more than true disciples best not expect, ” Well done my good and faithful servant”.

  10. SusanJ

    Dear Rista, do you have one friend, one family you can invite to your house for a meal? Then afterwards take time to ‘remember’ together our Lord Jesus in his death. If it is impossible then remember him in your heart, as often as you can. He is not going to be affronted.

  11. SusanJ

    Many of us are in the same situation. I know the sadness of it all but let us not say we are ‘churchless’. The term ‘one body’ is used many times in the epistles. 1 Cor 12: 27 Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.

    Because I no longer go to that building on a Sunday and Wednesday, it does not mean I left the body of Christ! I remain part of THE church. And there are still many of that body that we can love and care for and minister to. And still millions waiting to hear the good news for the first time, both in western countries and in remote hard to reach places. Many waiting to come in to the joy of being part of that body, one in Christ.

    Find one person, one family and fulfill Jesus commission sharing the gospel and teaching and discipling them.

  12. Sorry to hear about your experience. You’re not alone. We also recently left our church (of almost 20 years), due to our new dogmatic Calvinist pastor. And since I always felt our church (before the Calvinism) was the best in the area, theologically speaking, it’s really hard to find another one we want to attend. It’s either smaller ones that compromise the Word or mega-churches that water it down so much it’s nearly pointless. For now, we stay at home watching godly sermons online. Maybe someday we’ll start a home church. I think all we really need sometimes is to be in fellowship with a few other believers, praying together, encouraging each other, and building each other up with God’s Word.

  13. Rista

    This is the sad reality today, a worldwide trend. I live in South Africa and have been ‘churchless’ going on 8 years. At least we still have God’s Word and some commentaries to read and for that I cannot thank the Lord enough. My one concern is the Lords’ supper …. how do you approach that? I am so scared that I affront Jesus by not keeping this commandment of His?

  14. John F Brooks

    My church is called higher ground calvary chaple and we are in riverside ca and my pasator[Harold Anderson} is preaching the whole word of God.I do not know where you are located but if you are close come on bye.

  15. Allan Mclean

    Just an addon. I recently mentioned about the Gay Pride parade here in the GTA and what a shame it was that their flag was hoisted along with the Canadian flag. One christian street preacher(David Lynn) was arrested for preaching the gospel in a Gay area. I mentioned we should support him. One of the church ladies was extremely upset with me for criticizing these poor people who have a “disease”. Really! if it is a disease then why is it celebrated and paraded down Yonge street as the morally superior lifestyle? So even in my ” Open Brethren” assembly we have christians who are this ignorant of their bibles. Hard to believe.

  16. Allan Mclean

    why not start your own in home church, like the early church? Two or three can be just you and your wife until you find a few like minded believers. That is actually how the church has survived and grown down through the ages.

  17. charles

    apostasy everywhere. 44 percent of people 60 and up have no problem with a homosexual pastor. the younger ages are higher who agree with homosexual pastors. folks i hate to be negative but apostasy is here. no revival coming like the great awakenings in the past.1st time 4-1 a great falling away is here.keep praying. persecution is comming against the true believers.

  18. BS

    I completely agree that it is almost impossible, if not completely impossible, to find a church with sound biblical teaching. I have attempted to find a church in my neighborhood that values sound biblical doctrine and the authority of the Scripture. I went to one church that said any belief can be processed in their church. I knew that wasn’t biblical. I went to another church where the pastor told me that anyone could be saved, but that if they turned their back on God before they died, they would not be saved. I knew that wasn’t biblical. I went to another church where “holy yoga” was being taught. I knew that wasn’t biblical. Right now, I have opted for reading my Bible and Lighthouse Trails and praying, praying, praying. I admire anybody who stands up for the Word of God. May God bless you and keep fighting the good fight.

  19. Wolfgang Hemmerling

    Dear Lighthouse Trail, due to lack of a church in an area close to France, Switzerland and Germany, I was invited to participate via FaceTime and now Skype in a „virtual“ church. I really appreciate this because everyone of the brethren is asked to contribute some bible verse messages, propose a hymn or a prayer. I participate since 2013 and really enjoy the clear biblical teaching we all participate in. Now living back in Germany again, I still participate in our virtual church setting. E.g. Today about 20 believers participated via 12 Skype connections. We also connect individually with each other, to communicate on a more private basis. This is not perfect, but the exchanges are biblical.

  20. Dennis Monroe

    My wife and I definitely understand what “T and J” are going through. We have had to leave two churches of which we were members because of the use of material from false teachers, e.g., Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore. We primarily used booklets from Lighthouse Trails to present a case for what is wrong with the material they were using. Both times we were soundly rejected by the Pastors and Elders. They saw nothing wrong with what they were using. Two other times we were “uninvited” in churches we were checking out (not members) for the same reasons. We are presently in an independent church now where the pastor is very sound doctrinally. We are staying because of him and his need of support. The church itself is fractured with a mix of people that are sound along with many others that are not. This church has existed since 1924 but is now struggling to just keep the doors open. We pray that it does not fall by the wayside.

    The United States of America is the last “free” country on the earth. If it falls, there is no place else to go. In the same way Lighthouse Trails is one of the few doctrinally sound discernment ministries out there. You have been a tremendous help in sifting out the wheat from the chaff. Lighthouse Trails is a principle daily “goto” for me. I must be praying more for Lighthouse Trails.

  21. Blair Waugh

    I work within a teaching and discernment ministry in Canada. This is a frequent scenario with many left churchless. We need to all pray that the Lord will find pasture for His flock

  22. Heidi Lavoie

    Amen. What a story, a story that I have lived and experienced and some of my dear friends also, and what a declension has set in, nay has taken over completely. What an utter perversion setting into the “churches”, a situation that has worsened exponentially since I saw it in my own C&MA 16 years ago. Thank you dear folks fellow believers in Christ Jesus for sharing this!

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