1. Travis Kopp

    If someone wishes to follow Jesus, i believe they should endeavor to know the Bible well and they should believe what it says. We should pray to God the Father, as Jesus taught us. We should not meditate or chant like the heathen who do not know God.

    We should pray, though. It seems from the tenth chapter of Daniel that Daniel fasted and prayed for three weeks once. In Acts 12, the disciples apparently held a prayer vigil for Peter as he was imprisoned. In Mark 6 we are told that our Lord prayed for a good part of the night by Himself after He had feed the five thousand. In Revelation 1 it seems that the apostle John was in prayer or silent communion with God when Jesus spoke to him to reveal prophetic truths.

    In the parable of the persistent widow Jesus teaches us that we should not grow weary in prayer. The apostle Paul instructs us that we should pray without ceasing.

    Who has prayed through the night, or for one or two hours like the saints of old, to whom God spoke and whose prayers He answered? James, the brother of our Lord, wrote that the “effective prayer of the righteous avails much.” Jesus promised us who believe in Him that “whatever you (plural) ask in prayer, believing you will receive.” (Matthew 21:22)

    Let us not pray or meditate like the heathen, but let us pray soberly, sincerely, passionately, with endurance like true children of God to whom He has given many precious promises!

  2. Connie

    I’m quite old at this point so I have experienced a lot of odd things in my search to know about God. I did not grow up in a Christian home. Quite the contrary. But I had exposure to a few different churches for short periods of time along the way. Occasionally I would pray but I was so ignorant about religious things. Looking back I think a lot of people are. And through my adult years I have learned that many adults are ignorant also. Or they are going down the wrong path. There are countless numbers of wrong paths I see now. About 30 years ago or so when I began to get very curious about learning the truth I started watching “Christian” TV and listening to “Christian” radio. There were many wrong paths being promoted there. Early on a program out of Canada on my local “Christian” station offered a free book, PRACTICING THE PRESENCE OF GOD. I got it. I never read it. Years later I realized what the author was and what his book was about. If I wrote just half of the false teachings I have been exposed to while trying to find truth I would have a small book. It’s no wonder everyone is totally confused. Satan is busily at work making all these false paths available. So many Bible Studies are using books that confuse and lie and lead astray. I have also learned, the unpleasant way, that one should not point out to other Christians that the books, teachings and activities they are accepting are dangerous. They want to “kill” the messenger. The safest thing is just repenting and asking for God’s forgiveness and mercy and believing the Gospel, that Jesus/God the Son came to Earth, lived as a perfect man and died for the sins of those who put their faith in Him. Paul said he was determined only to know Christ Jesus and Him crucified. All the man-made stuff leads to trouble.

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