1. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am saddened by how compliant seniors and pastors are in this contrived pandemic. The anti-christ will have no problem scaring law-abiding citizens into following his orders. I for one will not take the Wuhan virus vaccine when or if it comes out. Nor will I take a chip.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    I think I live in the wrong state! Gavin Newsom is dragging his feet in giving us our liberty back! Whose idea was it to close our schools, our churches, our businesses, wear masks, stay 6 ft. away from people, etc.? This advice given to our President was horrendous! Ron Paul, a doctor and father of Rand Paul said 2 wks. ago that Fauci should be fired. All that comes out of his mouth is dubious or false. All these scientific advisors to the Prez were so wrong! I weep for those countries where suicide is on the rise due to this lockdown. Leftists don’t care who dies in order to achieve their goal.

  3. Dick Leppky

    This is simply a United Nations/WHO practice run for the eventual tribulation ‘registration’ requirement. This Wuhan virus was orchestrated by the likes of China/UN-WHO/Bill Gates/George Soros/Clinton Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation….with a lot of help from leftist progressive government leaders and MSM.
    So far, there are less deaths from this global Wuhan shutdown than the normal flu season – each year.

    • CW

      Truly, I am convinced that dems/libs/socialists/etc colluded with China in this whole mess in order to derail our economy and so affect President Trump in this election year. I do not, cannot, possibly believe this has all been an accident, no way no how.

      All the time they were falsely accusing him of collusion with Russia, they were doing the very thing they accused him of! I’ve been noticing this pattern for some time — that whatever they accuse him/Reps of, they are guilty of themselves.

  4. T. I. Miller

    render unto Caesar
    In a democratic republic we the people are Caesar in conjunction with the national contract the Constitution.
    Our Constitution was written to protect us from those who would criminally abuse their authority. It is one thing to quarantine the infected and quite another to quarantine the uninfected.
    Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.
    Hindsight is 20/20 now we see that one size fits all is nonsensical. 2 states account for almost half of the infections caused by their dependence on mass transit. Six states did not lock down and they are no worse off for it. Now leaders are afraid to call an end to this . They are afraid of being blamed for any deaths that occur after they end the siege against our civil rights.
    What is alarming is that so many so willingly laid down their civil rights. Even more alarming is how many became self appointed, brown shirt, enforcers. They are willing to turn in their neighbors They are willing to become verbally even physically abusive.

    • A.C.

      If you mean that in America, power and authority to govern is granted by will of We the People, I agree.

      If you mean God is smart enough to know we are not subjects of a monarchy nor other “top down” governance system and thus expects American citizens to live as free, self-governing citizens, responsible, respectful, peaceable, and productive, I agree.
      What about leaders’ responsibility to the vast majority who do not fall into the limited category of the virus-infected? Real, assessible damage to citizens’ health and welfare the last month is incalculable.

      [healthy, growing kids locked down into jelling brain-mushed, tech-addicted, couch potatoes? citizens dependent upon daily exercise routines which literally prolong their lives denied access to their gyms? cult-control of information through “social distancing?”]

      Leaders are responsible to call off the “national emergency” measures which are ruining the lives of healthy, productive citizens.

      Yeah. Panicked-people are definitely scarier than the virus.

      The basics, even the vocabulary, of this “national emergency,” blatantly stem from socialism.

      Disturbing that American citizens wait to be given permission to resume normal life.

      I am now waiting to hear all the reports which explain previously misleading and inaccurate and mis-spoken reports about the virus.


      Look Up

      • A.C.

        ha ha ha ha ha

        “**now that evidence is emerging that the virus is not as deadly as we all feared** it would be, it’s time for governors to get real.”

        — from LTRP post “Will Texas Lead The American Resurgence From Coronavirus Lockdown?”

        wait for it, folks . . . here comes the backpedaling

        u m m m NOT “as we *all* feared.” Not at all. Lots and lots of folks have known the virus was fairly typical for the flu season.

    • anne

      Paul did not lay down his civil liberties. “And as they bound him with thongs, Paul said unto the centurion that stood by, is it lawful for you to scourge a man that is a Roman and condemned? When the centurion heard that, he went and told the chief captain, saying, Take heed what thou doest: for this man is a Roman. ” Acts 22:25-26. Further Paul defended himself in court, and gave the gospel to boot (is that illegal too? the churches are closed!) It is unlawful what the states are doing. Some are pushing very far into lawlessness ignoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It makes me angry that continually in the media they are using guilt to keep people in their homes, and fear tactics! “Stay Home Save Lives” are the signs all over the place in Oregon, lit up on highways, and to the beaches. You don’t stay home it is your fault that you killed someone! Are they kidding? I have seen NO sick people anywhere out and about. I refuse to stay home, or wear a mask. I’m not sick. The testing kids are being used to increase the numbers and they are flawed. Not only this, every person that dies is said to have died of c-virus. Scarf lady Birx says, ‘Social distancing will be with us through the summer.’

      Who is she? We did not elect her. Who is the World Heath Organization? Do they rule over the American Constitution, and Bill of Rights? If so, since when?

      • A.C.

        Plus the fact is — there is no law against not staying home. Only, as you say — fear tactics.

        Social distancing cannot continue if folks refuse to social distance.

        American will is breaking out again. Lots of people out walking, biking, skateboarding, jogging — and without masks.

        Go, America!!

  5. A.C.

    Recently, in passing, I thanked a policeman for his service. I observed, “They’ve got you all in a really tough spot right now, don’t they?” He said, “It’s really hard.”

    The police are in an extremely vulnerable position. Their rights under the Constitution are completely trashed. They have no basis for their actions except the dictated orders of a perceived “authority,” who, in turn, has no constitutional authority to dictate orders at all.

    Who protects police persons from lawsuits, say for example, by parents for arresting their underage teen for not wearing a mask? The mayor has no authority to bypass parents to dictate orders to their underage offspring.

    As evidenced at the Nuremberg Trials, “he or she told me to,” is not an acceptable defense in the sane atmosphere of a court of justice.

    I pray fervently for the Lord to protect our police from being scapegoated. I am thankful for every police department who refuses to carry out baseless, dictatorial orders.

    • A.C.

      For loved ones in police service, taking earned sick leave right now might be a wise decision, an option I, for one, would not criticize.

      Escaping a craftily- constructed snare is not a dishonorable move.

      Proverbs 22:3

  6. A.C.

    Wearing a mask is no longer about the virus – except for health care workers.

    The mask is now an implement for control.

    The extent to which everyone has bought into required mask-wearing is mind-boggling to me.
    “Front-lines workers” who show flu symptoms are quarantined for 14 days and then MUST RETURN TO WORK.

    Healthy folks who have been quarantined for over a month still must stay home, and, though showing NO symptoms just like the workers mentioned above, when venturing out of the house, must wear mask protection?

    The Lord warned us of upcoming perilous times which will try our faith, but I was not prepared for sheer, unbelievable absurdity.

    • A.C.

      Socialistic “one-size-fits-all” dictates inexcusably compromise the health of American citizens.

      Citizens, young and not so young, struggle with a myriad of respiratory complications which wearing a mask further aggravates.

      What about, for example, sexual assault survivors or traumatized citizens who daily struggle with PTSD or abused kids (and grown-up abused kids) for whom any restriction on the face triggers a spectrum of detrimental physical and emotional reactions?

      What about mask hygiene? How clean is a kid’s mask? How many germs does a kid recycle due to restricted air flow? How safe is wearing a mask for a kid while running or biiking?

      What consideration has been given to possible pitfalls of wearing a mask?

      Adherence to an “agenda” sets the welfare of individual citizens at enormous risk. From my perspective, the mayor’s ill-considered dictates smack of criminal negligence.

      • A.C.

        While I am at it . . .

        Here is another on-site glimpse into the individual fallout from our “national emergency.”

        Recently as I passed clerk outside a grocery store, I said, “God bless you for being here. Thank you.”

        I was a bit incensed from listening to the Big Brother-esque, cultlike mind control, store tapes reminding me to wash my hands, stay 6 feet apart (which is about two shopping carts distance . . . duh!), we’re all in this together, and, oh, don’t forget to wash your hands often.

        I blurted out. “We are NOT all in this together. You have to be here, while everyone else gets paid to stay home. That is not ‘all of us together,’ at all. Some of us are more in this altogether than the rest of us.”

        He said, “Thank you for saying that.”

        I could not stop. “Plus,” front-line” folk who show symptoms are quarantined for 14 days and then have to go back to work. Those people in there who have no symptoms have been quarantined for at least a month and they are wearing MASKS! They do not even have the virus germ.”

        Someone else, whom I could not see said, “Thank you for saying that.”

        I went home and addressed the Most High for quite awhile after that.

        Like the police force, the constitutional rights of “front-line” retail employees are totally trashed.

        They have to police their customers? I saw one customer push past two employees to get into the store while others waited patiently in line.

        They have to work all night to sanitize everything in the whole store? Seriously? Customers can tote their own paper towels or cloths soaked in alcohol and sanitize their own carts and products.

        Store staff are expected to comply with all kinds of demands for which they are not contracted.

        “Front-lines” folks need all the media support we can offer.
        While I am at it . . .

        “Staying home saves lives” is as bogus as bogus baloney can be.

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