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by Paul Proctor 
America is absolutely awash in “Christian” leaders, pious politicians and pro-family groups whose apparent goal is to save it from self-destruction. Many seem to believe this can be accomplished by Christianizing the culture – by rallying people of pride, principle, patriotism and perseverance to shake their collective fists at the enemies of Christ with legions, letters, lawyers and legislation – that America can be saved from itself if enough people get indignant and involved.

But friends, this is not Christian evangelism. This is religious environmentalism – an earthly and erroneous idea borrowed from secular society and the liberal left that says man can save himself and the world he lives in if we all just get onboard the Vain Train To A Better America and apply ourselves. But when did Jesus or any of His apostles ever endeavor to make Rome sacred ground by organizing its inhabitants into action groups, protesters and boycotters to fight the forces of evil with carnal Christian weaponry? Jesus was not a zealot and neither were his true followers. Click here to read more of this article.

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