1. Lydia

    “On the glorious splendor of Your majesty And on Your wonderful works, I will meditate.” Psalm 145; 5 and there are many more. That answers the question about what Christian meditation is. Thank you.

  2. Susan Witt

    Regarding the free offer of the booklet by Ray Yungen: Ray’s books,booklets and DVD’s are so enlightening and so well presented. He went on before us, but he left behind a masterpiece in his book ‘A Time Of Departing’, excellently written and researched and extremely relevant for these days of apostasy. Everything Ray wrote (or spoke) is exceedingly beneficial to those of us in the church and those sincerely seeking the truth.

  3. CW

    I could agree with this statement — “Christians of various traditions hold to meditation as a means to draw closer to God and fill their minds with Him. In contrast to this, Eastern-style meditation generally involves clearing the mind.” — IF that pesky phrase “of various traditions” were not included. What does that mean, anyway? I am leery of so-called Christians who doubt ANY of God’s Word, who add on extra-Biblical beliefs, who do not reverence God’s Word as it is written. IMHO, the value of meditation depends on its object. If Christians meditate on God’s Word, worshiping Him in spirit and in truth, as taught in Joshua 1 and John 4, that’s well and good — that wonderful! But if they meditate on anyone or anything else, having to empty their minds of any part of God’s Word in order to do so, then it is WRONGLY-directed meditation and can only end in spiritual disaster.

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