The Election is Over – What About the Department of Peace?

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Now that the election is over, Lighthouse Trails has a question, and that is, “What about the Department of Peace?” Most Christians have probably never heard of it. Those who have been tracking the news through Lighthouse Trails for some time most likely have. One thing that may happen with the new administration is that the Department of Peace will become a reality.

Right now in Washington DC, a group of New Age lobbyists are working diligently to get the government to establish what they are calling the U.S. Department of Peace. The chief lobbying organization–The Peace Alliance–was founded by New Age leaders Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch. In essence, the Department of Peace, should it become a reality, will be a means to enforce New Age based hate crime legislation.

The legislation could very well lead ultimately to what Barbara Marx Hubbard calls the selection process, which is based on the New Age belief in order to stop the crises and turmoil in the world, all must go along with the plan, and resistance of any kind will be intolerable. The spiritual reasoning behind it is that unless humanity is enlightened to realize its own divinity, the world will head into Armageddon, and those who are self-centered (biblical Christians) are the only ones standing in the way from the planet being saved. We, of course, know that God’s enemy, the devil, hates the Gospel and the messengers of this Gospel of true peace (because of the atonement for sins by Jesus Christ).

With the increased voice and influence that Oprah Winfrey will most likely gain because of the new president-elect, it seems inevitable that the Department of Peace will come into place. Lighthouse Trails believes this governmental body will dovetail at some point with Rick Warren’s global P.E.A.C.E. Plan. We can say this with the utmost confidence because of Warren’s efforts to bring about what he calls a three-legged stool reformation where government, business (economy), and religion will come together to solve the world’s major problems. In addition, because of Obama’s support of Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan and his support for the $845 billion Global Poverty Act (which is bound to happen now), it’s very likely that Warren’s peace plan will get a financial shot in the arm from an Obama administration.

But let’s take a closer look at the Department of Peace so that when it comes to pass, we will have a better understanding of its significance.

In former New Age follower Warren Smith’s 2002 book, Reinventing Jesus Christ, he addresses the Department of Peace. Only back then it was called the The Global Renaissance Alliance, co-founded by New Age leaders Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch. Here are Warren’s remarks:

Marianne Williamson’s radical transformation from a little known author appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1992 to best-selling author, “spiritual leader,” and co-founder of The Global Renaissance Alliance has been remarkable to say the least. As already noted, Winfrey’s enthusiastic public endorsement of Williamson’s book, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles, made Williamson, her book, and the Course instantly famous.

While A Return to Love made Williamson a key player in the contemporary spiritual arena, a subsequent book, Healing the Soul of America, has now brought Williamson and her “new gospel” message into the political arena. The combined message of these two books is that we, the people, can heal the soul of America and the soul of the world if we “return to love” by accepting the [New Age] “new gospel” along with its A Course in Miracles-based principles. Because of the popularity of her books and her continued favored status in the media, Williamson has fast become the unofficial ambassador for the [New Age] “new gospel Christ.”

After the events of September 11, 2001, Williamson became one of the “experts” the media called upon to provide support to the nation and to make suggestions about how we should spiritually respond to these disastrous events. With everyone’s heightened concern about terrorism and the general state of the world, Williamson and other “new gospel” activists are introducing spiritual strategies for America’s future. Suddenly, “spiritual politics” is center stage as the “Christ” of the “new gospel” brings his updated spiritual teachings into everyone’s living room–whether people know it or not.

Desirous of establishing a single, unified organization to help create peace, Marianne Williamson joined with Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch to co-found The Global Renaissance Alliance. Alliance members include a veritable “who’s who” of bestselling “new age” authors and powerful “new gospel” advocates such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gary Zukav, James Redfield, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and many others.

The Global Renaissance Alliance describes itself as a “citizen-based network of spiritual activists” whose “mission is to make a stand in our local and national communities for the role of spiritual principle in solving the problems of the world.”1 The unspecified “spiritual principle” is the “new gospel” notion that we are all “one” because we are all a part of “God.”

Although the organization presents itself as an alternative to “politics as usual,” its members seem to maintain the old political practice of not being very out front about their real agenda. As expressed between the lines of their writings, one of the obvious goals of the “new gospel” and of the Alliance organization is to completely “reinvent” (if it were possible) the traditional Gospel of Jesus Christ. While members teach that all paths lead to God, they know that there is no place in their new spiritual world order for those who insist that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour.

The Alliance presents itself as a “grassroots” organization of everyday folks, but it is important to remember that the Alliance is spearheaded by a high level group of [New Age] “new gospel” advocates who appear to be operating from a general blueprint channeled from the spirit world years ago by esotericist and occultist, Alice Bailey, who is the author of many channeled works. Her blueprint is continually being affirmed and updated by the recent “new revelations” received by Schucman, Hubbard, Walsch, Creme and others…. In a revealing passage in her book, Healing the Soul of America, Williamson writes:

Beyond the appearances of history, there is a great and glorious unfolding plan for the destiny of nations. According to the mystical traditions, God carries this plan within His mind, seeking always, in every way, channels for its furtherance. His plan for the evolution of humanity, and the preparation of teachers to guide it, is called within the esoteric traditions the Great Work.2

The significance of Williamson, Walsch, Hubbard and other very influential “new gospel” advocates choosing to demonstrate their unity and oneness at this time through their global association cannot be overstated.

The amount of networking and mutual support among Alliance members is widespread as they continue to join together in increasingly powerful ways to put their “new gospel” agenda before an anxious world that is searching for spiritual answers. Furthering their common cause, Walsch has written the introduction to Hubbard’s last two books, Conscious Evolution and Emergence. Hubbard, in turn, recommends Walsch’s and Williamson’s books in her writings. Williamson does the same with Walsch and Hubbard. The three of them, in their mutual support of each other, provide a strong nucleus for the Alliance’s high-powered network of [New Age] “new gospel” advocates, many of whom have bestsellers and followings of their own.

The Alliance has definitely unified the “new gospel” leadership over the last few years. However, it wasn’t until after the events of September 11 that they stepped forward in an even more significant and public way to begin introducing their “new gospel” plan for the conscious creation of world peace. (from False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care?, chapter 6)

That was written by Warren Smith in 2002. In 2005, the Global Renaissance Alliance changed its name to the Peace Alliance. Williamson joined forces with people like news icon Walter Cronkite, Senator Dennis Kucinich, and a number of well-known Hollywood stars and singers. The Global Renaissance Alliance with its wide array of New Age leaders was too obvious. Now, the Peace Alliance has gathered a “respectable” group of leaders, pressing forward with the same agenda as the Global Renaissance Alliance. That agenda? According to Barbara Marx Hubbard and former Global Renaissance Alliance board member, to “reorient our great social and scientific capacities in alignment with Christ consciousness as to transform this Earth (from the GRA website)

Today, Williamson’s Department of Peace efforts (bill HR-808) has gained the sponsorship and support of 70 U.S. Representatives. Incidentally, every one of them except Rep. Wayne Gilchrest of Maryland, is a member of the Democratic Party.

While Scripture instructs believers to pray for those in authority, it also exhorts us to warn the church of grievous wolves and false doctrines, and to defend the precious faith. Because so many Christian figures are leading countless people toward the New Age/New spirituality, we are compelled to continue our warnings. We know that salvation comes only to those who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through faith by His grace – it is this Gospel message we seek to preserve in such dark and trying times. Thus, while the United States and the rest of the world move closer and closer toward a false one world system and a false christ, we will continue speaking the truth in love and boldness, exposing areas of darkness for the sake of the saints and the hopeful salvation of many lost souls.

But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. (I Corinthians 15:57-58)

1. Marianne Williamson, Imagine: What America Could Be in the 21st Century (U.S.A.: Rodale, Inc.: Daybreak imprint, 2000), p. 413.
2. Marianne Williamson, Healing the Soul of America: Reclaiming Our Voices as Spiritual Citizens (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2000), p. 195.

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