Contemplative Christians and Contemplative Conferences Coming Your Way

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The following conferences will be taking place during the next 12 months. Each of these conferences has at least one contemplative- and/or emerging church-promoting speaker. The number of these contemplative conferences is increasing rapidly. Please warn your loved ones about these events.

Note: Contemplative speakers are in bold. For information on these contemplative/emerging-proponents, go to our research site and use the search engine.

October 2008: Lead Like Jesus Revolution with Ken Blanchard, John Ortberg, George Barna, Nancy Ortberg, and Miles McPherson

October 2008: Group Life Conference with Mark Batterson, John Burke, and Miles McPherson

October – November 2008: National Youth Workers Convention with numerous contemplative/emerging speakers such as Duffy Robbins, Jim Burns, Maggie Robbins, Mark Oestreicher, Phyllis Tickle, Shane Claiborne, and Tony Campolo

November 2008: Lead Now Simulcast with Erwin McManus, Margaret Feinberg

December 2008: Reimagine Conference with Leonard Sweet and Sally Morgenthaler

February 2009: Focus on Marriage with Beth Moore, Gary Thomas, and Gary Smalley

February 2009: National Pastors Convention with Brian McLaren, Shane Claiborne, Bill Hybels, J.P. Moreland, Larry Osborne, Leighton Ford, Rob Bell, Ruth Haley Barton, Scot McKnight, and more.

June and July 2009: DCLA 09 with Shane Claiborne, Duffy Robbins, Frances Chan

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