Remembering Those in the Carolinas With Prayer

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We would like to remember in prayer those who are suffering in the Carolinas because of the hurricane and flooding. Just this morning, we received a call from a Lighthouse Trails reader in North Carolina who told us that while her own household was safe, the devastation surrounding her was utterly tragic with the loss of lives and property. Between forest fires in the west, severe weather in the east, and violence and turmoil throughout the world, these are difficult and frightening times for many. Let us remember those who suffer, praying always that the Gospel message of Jesus Christ will be proclaimed and received by those who hear it.

In the midst of such turmoil, Lighthouse Trails carries on, praying that through it all, this ministry may be a blessing to many and bring glory and honor to God.



  1. Jeffry

    Thank you Lighthouse to remind us to pray. My brother and his family Live in South Carolina. We continue to pray for all in the Carolina’s.

  2. CW

    Just heard on the news tonight that floodwaters are still rising in North Carolina. It seems that some rivers haven’t crested yet. Much prayer and support is needed. Samaritan’s Purse is on the scene, helping people in need.

  3. Anna Rosa

    Another reason to pray is that Cedric lives somewhere in North Carolina (of Truthkeepers blog). I keep a paper record of all the contact info. that I can, including LT, just in case it should come in handy one day. So I happen to know he is out there, and yes, let’s pray for him and the others out there!

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    Am praying for all those affected by the hurricane and flooding. We must cling to Jesus our Savior during these difficult times.

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