1. 9 October 2019/10 Tishri 5780/The Day of Atonement

    To Mark, LHT, and Visitors of this wonderful site:

    I was greatly encouraged by this message from Mark when I first read it when it was posted by Lighthouse Trails. I don’t know why I never commented, but I liked it so much that I pinned it to my Twitter page at C. Read@TrueLightPublic. (I have linked to different articles at Twitter that shows how outrageous things are getting in the churches…. I don’t know how long God will put up with His Son, His Word, and His Church being blasphemed!

    I just thank God for those who are willing to warn others of the great danger taking place in the name of Jesus Christ!

    May God be with LHT and all those who are faithfully standing for the truth! God bless you and your efforts as you serve Him!

    With the love of Christ,
    C. Read

  2. Ralph

    Great article and many great responses. I have lived and lamented over this for almost 20 years like layers of an onion, things have been revealed to me under each layer. I believe many well-meaning pastors and church leaders just don’t have their guard up because they think the Holy Spirit would not allow them to be deceived. I say there are none so deceived as those who believe they cannot be deceived. Charles Spurgeon and Henry Guinness were trying to warn the church in the 1800s. I would encourage everyone to do a search of and read the lectures given by Henry Guinness called Romanism And The Reformation. The full text of the lectures is on the Internet.

  3. T. I. Miller

    In Israel, according to the Law of Moses, the professional clergy were the Levites.
    Many in Israel went astray from the Law, away from God, many many times.
    Please show me where the professional clergymen took a stand for the truth. Please name the Levite or a member of the Sanhedrin, named in Hebrews 11.
    Before they had a king, God had to raise up a list of Judges to do the what the clergy would not do.
    God allowed Israel to have a king which was a rejection of Him.
    God still could not rely on the clergy but had to raise up a list of Prophets to keep the people and even the king right with God.
    Only a minority of clergy stood with the early reformers. As it has always been so it is today.
    There can be only one explanation for the reality that almost every congregation in the world has permitted some degree of apostasy to go unchallenged.
    For whatever reason, the professional clergy will not take a stand. Point out the truth and they will resist you and possibly pressure you to leave “their” congregation.
    Teachers will be judged more harshly. Do they really think that this behavior will get them, “well done thy good and faithful servant” from Jesus? to the contrary.

  4. Nancy

    Thank you Mark for the much needed encouragement and Lighthouse Trails for your faithfulness! May our Lord continue to bless your ministry!

  5. Joel

    Those accusing LT are likely clueless regarding the unrelenting attack on the church. The attack is coming from almost every angle, at an ever increasing pace. Having been in a brass group, we played in a wide range of protestant churches and events, over many years. I am dumfounded by the number of churches tainted by things such as new age garbage to Godless ultra left- wingism. This ranges from more minor falling away to full throttle evil. Just checking the websites of these churches provides clues. If I were to guess, an estimated 70-80% of churches in our area are tainted, at least in a small way; and maybe it is worse than this. Thank God for websites like LT because it is difficult to nearly impossible for individuals to identify the most of the players and programs in Satan’s sneak multi-facetted attacks. “Christian” celebrities/heavy-weights are among the worst sources. Part of their message may be good but the rest is destructive to Christianity and makes accommodations for many many things that have no business being the same universe as the God of the Bible. Sadly many friends have been sucked down the drain of the deceptive cesspool. The spirit of anti-Christ is certainly having many successes ——-for now.

    If it is misconstrued that LT is picking on everyone – that is on the heads of naïve, unlearned “Christians” who have zeal with little to no knowledge. For their sake, these accusers need to get their heads out of the sand. Their apathy is not only destroying themselves, but all those around them. They are complicit in the epidemic falling away of the church. So go ahead and just float along sucking in every deception of the day and drift away from God. If you need something to do while you drift – work on concocting your story to convince God of you wisdom and great choices like bashing the warnings of those like LT. Thank you LT. Please continue with God’s work.

  6. Deborah

    Sooooooo well said! Thank you, Mark, and LT for your undying commitment to the proclamation of the truth and purity of God’s word. This piece will be shared (as I have shared other posts). God bless!

  7. Crystal, UK

    Great encouragement! Its the same in the UK too I’m afraid…..your article is a blessing! God ‘shouted’ Ezekiel 33 at me last year when I needed to speak up…which I did and am no longer in my church after 22 years being there. But I felt a liberation if I’m honest. I did what was right in God’s eyes, not man’s.
    Blessings to you and all at LT in Jesus’ Holy and awesome Name! 🙂

  8. Carol Pappas

    Yes, thank you Mark & LHT. For sharing this. Prayers too for all the contenders of the faith, Praise Our Lord Jesus Christ for this all too. Our strength comes from Him as we surely know. An articles like this; in these times > “is” like a cup of cold water….

  9. Theo

    Yes, thank you, Mark, for your thoughtful, well-written and encouraging letter. It really boosted my spirit when I read it earlier today.

  10. Dave

    Well said. LHT thank you for your excellent work. So few are sending out this critical wake-up call. You are doing the “heavy lifting” so that we have the tools to take this warning to our churches. Lord help us to be faithful to your Word and your calling.

  11. Iva

    Thank you, Mark! I have to say hallelujah! Hallelujah is used to express praise, joy, or thanks according to Merriam-Webster’s definition. I say this uplifting article caused all three for me (and surely for others too)! When this letter ‘to the Editor’ is printed in the next Lighthouse trails Journal, I’m framing it. God bless you, Mark, for the encouraging talk and for lighting a fire(if one needed to be lit). I loved: ‘LT is not a ministry for toddlers’ and so it isn’t, praise God! We need the truth no matter if it hurts, no mollycoddling foolishness. Lay it on the line, clearly, just like John the Baptist did!

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