1. John J

    Yoga has been commercialized and westernized, and it’s rather unfashionable (said in a stiff-upper-lip accent) to be seen without your yoga mat and your unflattering yoga pants these days.
    Stay with the evil times, people! Don’t be the odd one out.
    Don’t disappoint your father of darkness.

    • Janine

      Well said! I’m surrounded by extended family members who are either compromised Christians, or Christians in name only. The Shack/Jesus Calling, ecumenical, Word of Faith, emergent, seeker sensitive, charismatic, antinomian, worldly, “don’t judge me” crowd. I’ve tried, in vain, to lovingly admonish and warn them about their error. But instead, I’m seen more as a killjoy.

      Well, my joy is in the Lord and if that kills their joy, so be it.

        • Sharon

          I agree. The New Age Movement said they would get into the church’s and they have! They also plan to use the churches for initiation places for the mark of the beast in the middle of the Tribulation. I am a christian and have done a lot of reading, shortly after I got saved my sister told me to get a book called “The Aquarian Conspiracy” by Marilyn Ferguson. It tells about their plans. It is NOT a Christian book! It is a new age book. They said they would get into the churches, we cannot find a good church. I always pray to God to guide and lead me and He always has. I think everyone should pray that every day but read the Bible and books by John Walvoord who is very good.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    Most people do not realize they are bowing to and worshiping an idol and demon when they do yoga and other Eastern meditation activities. When you try to explain to these people about the spiritual dangers involved they usually do not believe you. They think it is just physical exercise or a calming tool. Sad. I have seen a Kindergarten teacher using Yoga with her class.

  3. anne

    In Bible study we are studying Matthew 7. “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Matthew 7:15. As we studied ‘prophets’ we learned that anyone who claims divine inspiration or a person who foretells future events (Random House Dictionary). A prophet can also be called a ‘seer’ (ra’a strongs 7200) 1 Sam. 9:9, Gad was David’s ‘seer’ (2 Sam. 24:11) and we learned that there was a false Gad, A Canaanite god of fortune and this false prophet’s name meant ‘good fortune’ which the true seer’s name meant ‘fortune’. The false Gad was none other than the glorified planet Jupiter. (Unger’s Bible Dictionary p.488) The false prophet called migdal-gad (Josh. 15:36, and Baal-gad (Josh. 15:37). Anyone can come in the category of ‘prophet’ true or false. As we further studied wolves specifically ‘rabid’ wolves the animals, it does seem demonic in the inward sense like Matthew 7:15 says. Unsaved people are in great danger of becoming a ravening wolf in the demonic sense. Matthew 8:28 talks about the 2 possessed with devils who were ‘exceeding fierce’. When we have ‘Christians’ and all walks of life doing Yoga is should be quite alarming to everyone. The False prophets pushing Yoga on TV, Schools, Hospitals, and every walk of life have done more than any other cult or false religion has, and the father of it is Satan. It is pushed as good for mind, body, spirit but it is evil.

    • Sharon Meadows

      I have a friend in yoga and I printed a lot of information for her to read so she would get out of it but when she came over she told me she knows what she’s doing and pushed all the printed paper’s back to me and would not look at them. I can’t seem to talk about it with her and I don’t know why.
      She seemed to have changed after getting into it, always starting arguments with me and saying the most horrible things to me. We don’t have a friendship
      anymore, we have known each other 60 years.

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