1. CW

    “[O]thers lament that such material aims to normalize sin in impressionable minds.”

    Count me in with them. The LORD told us through Isaiah (chapter 5) that calling evil good invokes His curse on a person’s life. Those who are doing this are doubtless blinded by the devil/god of this world, and I pray their eyes will be opened to the Truth before it is too late for them. In the meantime young people are destroyed by this type of lie (and all others). I pray for them too; my heart hurts for them.

    Where are the parents? I saw an interview with Michael Eisner years ago in the newspaper, when he had just taken the reins at Disney, and he said that he was going to take the company in a “new, darker” direction. He did. Did no other parents read that? I’ve often wondered.

    I haven’t spent a red cent on anything Disney in many years, and that won’t change.

  2. Jeffry

    Satanists own Hollywood , the media, T.V. , most of our Culture, many false churches, Governments, most of the medical field and Banks . Christians need to Preach the Gospel NOW, TODAY!

  3. John J

    ‘Just look this nonsense in the eye and say, “Mom, Dad, thanks for showing me ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ over and over when I was five.” I knew of parents who did that to their kids to keep them quiet and out of the way.

    Disney has always been suspect. To hide behind animated characters to spew evil is despicable, as it’s aimed at kids. Jesus’ words in Matthew 19, verse 14 will come back to haunt the evildoers. In the meantime, let’s look this Disney nonsense in the eye and go for a normal movie (or to the park once coronavirus has packed up and gone home).

  4. Jo D Hylton

    this is so, so sad. We know it will continue to get worse. Come Lord Jesus , come…..

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