1. A.C.

    Please call upon the Department of Justice to protect this preyed-upon child from Court-mandated sterilization and sexual mutilation. Please request DOJ to establish strong policies which protect our children from Court-Mandated Child Abuse

    U.S. Attorney General’s Office Contact

    The judge has no jurisdiction to force irreversible, life-altering abuse on any American child.

    Please advocate, through every possible venue, for immediate suspension of the abusive monster in judge’s robes who presided over this atrocity of a “case.”

    Lord, as You will, please raise up an overwhelming wave of righteous response on behalf of James and Jeffrey — and every child in America. Light overcomes darkness and evil. Please light up every citizen in Texas and every state with Your power, grace, and truth to save this and every child from legislated child-destruction. Thank You

    Agreed? Matthew 18:19

    Psalm 94

  2. Sandra Lee Smith

    I do NOT comprehend where the TX child protection authorities are, & why that mother & judge are not both under arrest for child abuse! Both boys are being seriously & permanently damaged by this abuse! That child has repeatedly statedd, & acted on, his desire to BE a boy. The “mother” is a psychologist, probably in an effort to understand herself originally, & SHOULD KNOW how destructive this is for both her SONS, but evidently her wants take precedence over the welfare of her children! Judges no longer seem to care that their 1st duty, in family courts is the welfare of the children, not the wants of the adults, either.

  3. This BOY is on his way to a possible suicide. being forced to be a ‘girl’ is sexual abuse. His mother, a term I use lightly, must have psychological disorders that have been hidden for many years, why then would she do this to her SON?
    He will, if not already, hate her for what she is doing. He will be jealous of his twin Brother, and might cause self hurt to get attention.
    I cannot believe a judge would side with her other than to get attention to keep her job in a sinful world.

    I pray for that boy to be brave and find a way out of that woman’s grip. That someone with compassion and power, will get him away from her. She also needs prayer to be delivered from the spirit of confusion and mental cruelty.
    That BOY’S father must be in torment. Pray for him also.

  4. John J

    The moon has gotten to someone, alright (maybe the mother of “Luna”?)
    A travesty indeed, most abnormal and unnatural; the sad thing is that the full extent of this madness will only manifest in later life for all concerned. Nightmares await patiently.

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