A Word From Roger Oakland

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by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland  

I have returned from the conference I was speaking at in Rome, Italy and am spending time with my family over the holidays. Please pray for me and my entire family and the new direction for ministry that God is leading me in the future.

With regard to my radio program being removed from KWVE radio, it is my desire to be a vessel from God that can be used to promote truth in these last days. I am very appreciative of the 20 years that I have been affiliated with Calvary Chapel and the opportunities for ministry that God has provided through Chuck Smith and the many Calvary Chapels that I have spoken at around the world.

I am also very grateful to be partnered with Lighthouse Trails. We have no agendas or motives other than to be used as vessels that can stand for what is right.

Since six years ago when my 27 year old son, Bryce, suddenly went home to be with the Lord, God has given me a special calling for these days in which we find ourselves. I believe Jesus is coming soon. May He help each believer to finish the race well.

Roger Oakland
Understand the Times

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