1. Tammy Ashley

    All I know is that 40 years ago I was standing on a bridge ready to jump off when a voice spoke to me and said “You need to get saved.” And I did that night and my life has never been the same. I was walking in one direction and I turned around and started walking in the other. No one will ever convince me that Jesus is not the way the truth and the life and that no man can come to the Father but by Him. These people can say what they wish but they will never see heaven or spend eternity with the Lord Yahushua unless they repent and humble themselves and turn to Him once again . He waits for them.

  2. adam henderson

    The Church of Scotland is in steep decline. Its seeming failure to preach God’s Word without compromise has resulted in a pernicious capitulation to the desires of the world. And where the Word is preached in its fullness, it seems at times to be received like an unwelcome gift, rejected and thrown out. This church has fallen, its light diminished and, in some places, extinguished. Its heart and head now turned to the world of human endeavour for its identity and direction. The nation’s church stands facing the metaphorical cross in the road. Which way will it navigate, towards the cross or the crowd? For a desperate world and church in great peril, the answer should be clear. Preach the Word of God from the Holy Scriptures in their completeness. No addition required. The only vision we need as a church is to preach Christ crucified and raised from the dead. And to obey him.

  3. Rumplestiltskin

    This is true spirituality and a good melding of Eastern and Western practices into a holistic approach to our belief systems. Remember my friends, Christianity is not the only game in town, nor does it have all the answers, because it can’t also because it is based on lies told and retold for multiple millennia.

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