1. Mike Evans

    Thanks for your response.
    I believe the problem re Dr Carson is that prominent evangelicals like Kirk Cameron promote him as a genuine Christian (he was featured in one of Cameron’s Call to National Prayer movie events a few years ago. Cameron also promotes Calvinists and may be one).
    Walter Martin at one stage declared the SDA Church to be a non-cult ie a genuine denomination. He may have changed that stance before his death, yet the damage was still done. I heard a Christian podcast the other day which can host reputable pastors such as Andy Woods. On this occasion, the guest was accurately discerning the NWO political agenda, but at the close of the interview, he recommended all viewers get a copy of The Great Controversy (by Ellen G. White, whose name he didn’t mention). The host of the show didn’t bat an eyelid!
    Thus, I feel that for the sake of those who are not in the know, when famous people who are in cults are giving commendable information on non-religious topics, a disclaimer regarding their Biblical views is wise and helpful. My best to you, Mike

  2. Mike,
    It is true that Carson is a SDA, but this particular article is not religious or spiritual in nature but rather is relying on his expertise as a medical doctor. Nevertheless, your cautionary remarks are received and in general are valid.

  3. Mike Evans

    Although he may be correct re the Covid delusion, are readers aware that Dr Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist and promotes the unbiblical doctrines of Ellen G. White, who taught a false gospel? Let’s be careful who we promote.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    Praise the Lord for Dr. Ben Carson! He is not afraid to tell the truth about Covid! Even though most people getting Covid right now were fully vaccinated many people do not see that the unvaccinated are not a threat to themselves or others. They just get angry with the unvaxed. My son-in-law and two vaccinated grandsons are ill with covid; my unvaxed grandson and I are fine and have not gotten covid. My Nigerian friends from church told me that there is no covid in Nigeria because all are on anti-malarials like hydroxychloroquine. Dems, leftists do not want us to know about natural immunity and anti-bodies and the therapeutics that if taken early can save your life. Monoclonol treatment saved Ben Carson’s life.

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